I am starting this blog to track my first year attempting to develop a self- sustaining small business using Etsy and other online tools to become financially independent and self-employed. I will be posting Etsy seller tips, how to guides, useful links and other things I have found helpful for getting organized and optimizing my time as I go. In addition I will be trying to streamline and minimize my total cost of living and posting, when relevant, on ‘living small’.

I have no passion for business. I am not a marketing guru or profit engineer. I enjoy project based work and figuring things out. I have been in academia most of my adult life but at 31 I realize this is not the life for me. I have recently dropped out of grad school and over the next year I will be trying out different methods for making an honest buck while setting up a sustainable budget.

I am starting with Etsy as my principle tool mainly because I already have years of experience in crafting and vintage shopping. Over the past few months I have started and helped others begin their own online shops and will use these shops to experiment with and inform my blogging here on the The Self-Sustaining Prophecy.

My main goal for 2014 is to make enough to sustain myself in order to have time to pursue my own interests and projects.  I’m starting with a couple thousand dollars in savings, a no-rent situation and one full-time year to make this work. This blog will track my efforts, serve as a place to reflect and share what I learn with others on a similar path.

If you are interested, have questions or have advice please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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