Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 1.51.20 AMOne of the most fun ways to up the views on your Etsy products is to add them to a treasury list. There are several benefits to do this: 1) there are 16 items in a treasury and a lot of the other 15 products shop owners will look at your shop/product when you take the time to feature them in a treasury 2) Curating your own treasuries will help develop your eye for taking future pictures 3) you get a better perspective on what your selling and how potential customers will look for it and the most valuable reason 4) If its a good looking treasury that gets a lot of attention, Etsy might choose it to be featured on the front page. If that happens you’ll likely get a TON of hits , some of which could lead to sales and then be featured in a bunch more treasuries (more views, more potential sales)


  • Click the heart
  • Click Treasury Tab
  • Click ‘The treasury’
  • In the right hand sidebar, click “create a list”

You will now see a 4×4 grid where you can put the URLS of 16 products. In other tabs or windows search for Etsy products you’d like to feature  You can look at other treasuries that are trending or look at whats on the front page to get an idea of how to lay out a treasury. Pay special attention to color, theme and layout. Items should meet all these criteria:

  1. Be relevant/cohesive with the other 15 items in terms of theme, color or overall look (use your discretion)
  2. Be great items you would want to purchase for yourself or a friend
  3. Have great looking photos

Any theme or thread of cohesion will do but have a perspective. Don’t just select the first thing you see with a good photo treasuries are about curating not just about matching. Let go of items with bad photos, even if they are great items you absolutely love (thats what the favorite button is for!) 1 bad photo will ruin a treasury.

Be sure to add tags to your treasury so it is searchable.


  • Put the best items in the first 4 -a good place to put your featured item- (the short form treasury listings only feature the first 4…)
  • Can’t find 16 items, you can also just do 12 by leaving the last 4 blank.
  • Only put one item from any given shop -including yours- (etsy wont select a member-curated treasury for the front page if it features more than one product from the same shop)

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