Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 2.10.59 AM is a microjob site. Individuals post jobs they would be willing to do for $5 and you can contract them through the site to do these tasks for you.

If you take some time to dig around you’ll find it pretty spectactuar the variety and specificity of things people propose doing for $5 but for someone starting up a small buisness this is a great resource for those little tasks that would be no trouble to the right person but could be a roadblock given your skillset or software.

Its a great way to dip your toe in the pool of outsourcing and see what its like to contract. Need a banner? a logo? a product review? There are plenty of great design and advertising gigs offered to help you get up and running on a tight budget. Its not just for $5 jobs, larger gigs are possible with an add on feature.

Be sure to check out the whole subcategory of online marketing which has gigs for researching keywords, blog mentions, twitter and social media mentions which helps connect you to the right people to spread your word through simple tasks like posting a product mention to the right facebook page.

Here are a few of the jobs people will currently do for you for $5:

I will write descriptions for 4 of your etsy items for $5

I will tell 14,000 Twitter followers in the art craft world to check out your Etsy shop for $5

I will find You Active Dropshippers or Wholesalers for $5

I will impose a word of your choice on wooden blocks for $5

I will edit up to 20 of Your Product Photos for $5

If you have a good skill on Etsy such as making treasuries or editing photos or have a well developed social media network you would be willing to advertise to, try posting your own gig. Note: you get paid $4 after fivver’s cut.


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