Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 11.54.46 PMOnce you’ve gotten down to the task of adding tags on your first product listing you may be a little tired out and not think it matters much what you put here but after a little trial and error I’ve quickly come to realize this is possibly the most important part of the listing process. This is how people will find your product among the hundreds of thousands of other products so you want to be sure to add them. You want your tags to be:

  1. relevant (descriptive)
  2. specific (size, style, color)
  3. common

It doesn’t help you to have a trending tag attached to an irrelevant product. Keep them relevant so people can find what they are looking for. Be specific, you can add adjectives to nouns to create one keyword phrase. Use common words. Its great if you were an English major and know all kinds of great words, use them in your descriptions! For tags you want to use words that the average person is likely to use in a search.


  • use all 13 spaces. It doesn’t hurt to have more it only makes you less searchable if you have less…
  • if a word is commonly misspelled add the common misspelling too because that’s how people will search for it, while Etsy will now suggest corrected spellings at the top of search results, it will bring up the initial search without automatic spell-correction.
  • if you run out of ideas for tags potential customers might use, try to cater to potential treasury-curators…for example use elements of the photo or main colors because when someone is putting together a treasury they may just be looking for a good picture to include.
  • tags can be multiple words. ‘bunny’ and ‘blue’ can each be individual keywords and ‘blue bunny’ can be an individual tag. Include all 3 if you have room. The double tag will have more power if someone enters both in that order into a search but it will be irrelevant if someone enters just one of the words. Keep this in mind and think like someone searching for your product.
Trending Tags
On the treasury page (underneath where you click ‘Make a List’) They include a list of the trending tags of the day. Use as many of these as are relevant (you can click to expand the list). If they are super time sensitive (for example:right now they are mostly valentines related) remember you can always edit the tags later.
Titles are keyword sensitive
Use main keywords as first 2-3 words of title followed by descriptive words rather than the other way around (eg Baby Overalls in Blue and Pink Bunnies rather than Blue and Pink Bunny Baby Overalls) because the first few words are given more ‘sorting power’ in the title.

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