IMG_9206In an earlier Etsy Seller Tip post I wrote about how to size vintage clothing. I have since streamlined my process by using these tags I have made and am making available to you for free in my Free Tools Section.

I took the basic measurement requirements I have been using and put them all onto on card with space for notes about each item (potential tag keywords, notes on any damage/condition, manufacturing label sizing etc). As I photograph items (or sometimes as soon as I get them and am going through my finds of the day) I fill out a tag and safety pin it to the item.

When I get ready to list after I’ve photographed each item I remove the tags from all the items I am going to list and take them to my desk for an easy clutter-free workflow. I sometimes have a hard time remembering the price of each item when its in a slew of finds from one week so I will also include the cost on the back so I have that info when I get to the pricing stage.

I always pin to an existing tag or in an inconspicuous place (inside bottom seam) so as not to damage our product. I’d recommend printing on cardstock or a heavy weight paper (the lightweight shown here curls and rips easily) and using a hole punch and string to attach this way you could also slip the string over the hanger if there is no great place to pin it directly to the item.

Check out my Free Tools Section for the downloadable PDF with 7 styles of Vintage Sizing Tags to help streamline your Etsy vintage listing process.


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