TG3If you are reading this then youve already figured out part of the process to making it on Etsy is reading blog posts from others who have been in the trenches and figured it all out. Over the first few months of setting up my shop I found myself reading advice from others who had been there and figured it out for hours at a time. This can be really valuable reading but can also send you down a spiralling rabbit hole of conflicting advice and outdated info (check the date of any given post and make sure Etsy infrastructure and policies havent changed since it was posted!)

While Etsy is not the only platform I use for my online businesses it is one I have gotten a lot out of, especially early on. I have compiled here a list of top 10 most useful and still relevant Etsy related blog posts for new shop owners:

1. Everything Etsy

This top blog posts a lot of fun tutorials and crafting related content but one of their most useful outputs is a section called Etsy Business where they provide tips and tricks for those thinking about starting and those years into the process.

2. Handmadeology 

There is a lot ogogin on on this blog which has the tag line: the science of handmade. Most of it is super relevant tips for Etsy sellers. With sections dedicated to Etsy Tips as well as Photography Tips and Small Business Tips this is a great hub of information to get you started and keep you going with an Etsy shop

3. My Etsy Blog

Kim of Blue Otter Art on Etsy has a long running blog about her experiences as a shop owner. “My Etsy Blog” has a great section called Start-Up Lessons where she takes you through the ins and outs of Etsy with posts on topics starting with how to choose a name as well as more advanced tips on photography and banner creation.

4. Soap Queen

This great blog by handmade soapmaker Bramble Berry (R) has a great section called Business Musings that focus on issues relevant to hobbiest who’d like to turn pro. There is especially good advice for Etsians who want to expand beyond Etsy to markets and retail.

5. Team EcoEtsy 

The Team Eco Etsy blog grew out of an Etsy team and has multiple contributors. With a special focus on eco-friendly shops and practices this is a great little blog to follow. They even have a dedicated section for business tips focusing on reducing waste, reusing materials, recylcing and upcycling!

6. Hobbycraft 

This UK craft shop keeps an awesome blog which features interviews and how tos as well as a great introductory article about using Etsy.

7. Etsy Entrepreneurs 

This is another blog started from an Etsy Team. There is a lot of collective experience from the writers here which makes it worth sifting through the not so great template and layout they are using.

8. Liz Marie Blog 

While Liz’s blog isnt totally dedicated to the business side of things, hers is an excellent example of how to build a sister blog for your shop. She also has a thorough advice post outlining 8 Things To Know Before Selling On Etsy.

9. Handmade-Business

This blog features loads of backlogged information, including interviews and social media insights. It has not been updated in over a year so ignore posts on Etsy’s functions.

10. BPlans 

This blog is not dedicated to Etsy at all but rather to small business planning. They have great resources that apply to any small business whether or not you use Etsy but don’t miss their great guide specifically on How to Start an Etsy Shop.



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