In an earlier Etsy Seller Tip I went through the benefits of making treasuries. Here are some further tips and tricks I’ve developed for selecting great items and layout.

1. Build your list around a few special initial items. Use this item to determine color palate and theme. If you are looking to promote your own items this should be one of those but remember there are other indirect benefits to curating treasuries so they don’t all need to feature products from your own shop.

2. Audition your items together and edit down! As I am searching for items to include in a treasury I open up to 20 different item pages in separate tabs then I cut and paste the URLs into my main browser page where I am working on my treasury.

3. Balance backgrounds and angles of the photos you select. Think checkerboard! As I add each URL,  I pay close attention to the color scheme as well as lightness/darkness of background and the scale of the item. I try to balance the light and dark background building a sort of checkerboard effect while at the same time alternating and balancing the scales. I always select more items than I will end up using and ditching the glaring outliers as I go.

Here are some specific examples of some of the treasuries I have built with tips and reflections to help you get a better idea about how to build your own! (If you are into making treasuries on Etsy I’d recommend joining the Treasury V Treasury Team on Etsy where we compete to see who can make the best treasury on a given theme.)

Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 2.01.12 AMHere is an example of a treasure I built around the theme Oh Canada. I have lived in Canada for a few years and was feeling a little nostalgic when I made this while enjoying looking through all the fun canadiana Etsy has to offer.

I tried to keep the elements subtle only repeating the bold visuals like the maple leaf or moose head a few times and specifically looked for a few less overt items like the hockey stick photo and the whiskey barrel tea light holder.

I also chose a few key items based on the photographs alone, the kids in bear hats and the lush knit throw photos added unique angles and depths of field I was missing in other shots.


Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 2.01.01 AMHere is an example of a treasury I built with the theme of Father’s Day. If you want people to be interested in your treasury a surefire way is to make it relevant to the season or upcoming holiday. Unlike selling gift items (which requires more advanced posting) you can post a treasury for TODAY’S holiday!

I stuck with a brown and green color scheme on this treasury and and tried to disperse the dar backgrounds throughout.

Take extra care in choosing the top 4 items, these items are viewable even before the treasury is opened and should help entice people into viewing more!



Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 2.01.22 AM

Here is a treasury I built around the trending theme Southwest Bohemian. It is a good idea to look at what else is trending in the treasuries to find ideas for themes. If they are already trending they are more likely to get looked at and there are more likely to be items and good photos available.

You can see here my attempt to checkerboard the light and dark color background to balance the whole treasury while still alternating close up and far away angles.

Look for interesting photos not just interesting items. I would maybe want 1/3 of the items on this list but the others (like the arrows or the dream catcher choker had such great images on theme it didnt matter what the items themselves are.

Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 2.01.34 AM

For this treasury I went with what I knew! Trends are great but there is also an advantage to building a set of photos around things you are really into. The theme is loosely world travel and I begun with the map and a globe which was later removed.  I stuck to the color scheme of turquoise and orange while I went all over the place in terms of types of items.

It is not as important that all the items make sense together in their final use but that the colors and themes subtly balance with each other.

As I was building this I searched for the types of things I knew I already like like ‘persian rug” and “leather pouch” then selected ones in my color palate that also had great photos.

Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 1.59.37 AM

This is a little treasury I made in 5 minutes when I came upon this adorable fox hat and this set of yellow mugs. I was just in a fall time mood and that is a great time to make a treasury! Making treasuries is fun and the more you enjoy it the more it will show in your final look.

You may notice this is smaller than the average treasury with only 12 images. You can make a treasury with any number of items you dont have to fill all the 16 slots provided. I would recommend for a cohesive balanced looks sticking to 12-16.


  • The photo is all that matters in treasuries. It doesnt matter if its the coolest item you have seen, if they photo doesnt look good, dont include it in your treasury.
  • Use multitab option on your web browser while you’re searching and open more tabs than you’ll end up using.
  • Search items related to your theme and color using Etsy’s color search tools and carefully selected keywords.
  • Move them around! You can drag and drop items into place as you go to help you balance the different styles.
  • If you are trying to promote a particular item be sure to put it in the top 4 slots. These 4 items are viewable even before the treasury has been opened.


Love making treasuries? Join the Treasury V Treasury Team on Etsy where we compete to see who can make the best treasury on a given theme.


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