Nikon_F_SLR_camera_with_NIKKOR-S_Auto_1,4_f=5,8cmI’ve grew up in a dark room and have worked as a professional portrait photographer in the past but taking cohesive, branded photographs of products was still a bit of a learning curve for me. Just because you know how to use a camera doesn’t mean you’re going to know how to shoot product photography. Theres a lot to consider when shooting product photography for your shop, backgrounds, lighting, details, scale, square aspect ratios etc and I’ve read countless blog posts on the matter trying to figure it out myself. I have compiled here my top ten most useful posts on how to shoot photos for Etsy.

1. The Offical Etsy Blog 

Take it straight from the horses mouth with this hyperlinked guide. Link through official posts for all skill levels!

2. DIY Craft Photography 

This entire site is dedicated to tips and tricks for shooting photos of handmade things! A comprehensive resource for newbies and veterans alike!

3. Handmadeology’s Big List of Photo Tips 

This post is exactly what it says, a big list of hyperlinked tips linking tons of well considered tutorials with great photos!

4. 10 Etsy Sellers Share their Jewelry Photography Tips 

This great post my Style Campaign is a must read for those of you shooting tiny sparkly things!

5. Shoot to Sell by PhotoJoJo 

Photojojo is a site for photographers not Etsy sellers but this great post caters to Etsians while having broader applications for online photo.

6. Everything Etsy’s 5 Tips for Photography 

A great introductory article well formatted with photos of the phototaking process!

7. Typically Simple’s 4 Photo Tips for your Etsy Shop 

This basic guide is just as the site name would suggest: a simple easy intro to get the newcomer started shooting great basic photos!

8. Beads and Beading’s Cheap Lightbox tutorial 

This blog is dedicated to beading tutorials but they know how to take their photos…and how to make tutorials. If you do not have access to a naturally lit way to shoot check out this post!

9. Table Top Studio’s How to Photography Jewelry

Looking for something a little more professional and little less DIY? This super professional walkthrough shows you how to shoot professional looking jewelry photographs using professional grade lighting.

10. Make Magazine’s Etsy Photography Tips

MAKE: and their more crafty sister portal CRAFT: are great places to go if you want to check out good looking projects. No wonder they should weigh in on how to take photos for handmade things!


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