If you are selling through Etsy your buyer’s experience is already pretty sweet. With automatic messaging when and item is purchased and when you print shipping labels, you can provide great communication without actually doing anything!

The buyer’s experience is important for repeat sales but also for ratings and word of mouth advertising! Here I will discuss the little extras you can add to your buyer’s experience during unboxing to encourage props and happy vibes!

1. Package your item with care.

You want to make sure your item is packaged safely so it will not break in transit but you also want o take care with out it will look and feel for the buyer to receive and open the package. If you reuse packaging material make sure to ‘own it’ as a responsible green alternative and make a note in your shipping policies with something like “I try to reuse packaging materials whenever possible to reduce waste.” And remember just because you are reusing a box doesn’t mean your item needs to look like its wrapped in garbage.  This is especially important if you are dealing in vintage.  Wrapping the item up in a reused plain brown paper (like from a paper bag) and tying it with simple kitchen twine can make all the difference!

If you are selling high end items you want your packaging to match the luxury feel of your item. Incorporate tissue paper, washi tape, ribbon in your packaging to make the opening feel like a gift! A customer who feels like they have received a gift will be more likely to leave positive gracious feedback!

2. Don’t forget to include a calling card!

You may just be happy to get the item wrapped and to the post office in your processing window but don’t miss the opportunity to connect to your buyers and encourage repeat sales. The buyer probably remembers they ordered your item on Etsy but they might not remember the name of your shop. A little slip of paper or card in with the package that has you shop name, website and a cute graphic will help serve as a little reminder.

3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You’ve made a sale! Be grateful for the business. Include something somewhere that says the words Thank you. This can be a stamp on your tissue paper or a thank you card (you can get cheap packs 10/$1 of thank you notes). Including a handwritten note (even just a small slip of paper) is a nice personalized touch that remind they buyer this is a person-to-person exchange. You can print out your own 4/sheet thank you post cards and include a thank you coupon code for a percent off their next order to encourage even more love!!

4. Make it easy

First order of business in packaging is to keep the item safe. That said, you don’t want them to accidentally break the item trying to cut it out of 15 layers of taped up bubble wrap. Use appropriate packaging in the right amount to keep the item safe and make it easy to open.


  • If you are using newspaper as padding wrap the item in plain tissue paper before adding the newspaper, this will keep ink from accidentally transferring.
  • Make it clear which way is up with the postage label and place your calling card and thank you note on the top just after the package is opened.
  • If you are using tissue paper, tie a string or tape tissue paper edge to prevent it from wiggling off during shipping.

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