Not all Etsy shops work out. I myself have started a few that have ended up folding within a year and a few more that never made it off the ground. Issues range from bad branding, to market saturation to those specific to Etsy Terms of Service issues can tank your business overnight. I have compiled here a list of blog posts from people who have folded or left Etsy for one reason or another. If you are thinking about starting your own shop on Etsy learn here from the mistakes of others first!

1. Closing Down My Etsy Shop 

A jeweler reflects on the saturated market and the new influx of cheap non-handmade knockoffs as a result of new policies.

2. Handmadeology Leaves Etsy 

One of the great blog resources outlines how to leave Etsy and why he closed up shop after using this service successfully.

3. Luna’s Baublebilities Closing My Etsy Shop

A frustrated shop owner shuts down after new Etsy search functions limit her sales.

4. Brittany’s Best Confessions of a Profitless Etsy Seller 

This is a well written honest piece about being relegated to the realms of a hobby seller.

5. Venus Envy’s Why is My Etsy Shop Failing One Year In? 

Venus Envy, a fine artist selling on Etsy, takes a closer look at why she was unable to get her shop off the ground

6. Why I closed my Etsy Shops by HomeGrownStringBand

Tired of the “big business” problems on Etsy the author gives alternatives to the major handmade market site.

7. Its About Principle: Etsy’s Reign of Terror and Discrimination 

An indepth outline of Terms of Service issues with Etsy. Check this out before you set up shop!

8. Etsy Shop Suspended without Warning 

A cautionary tale from a seller who was shut down by Etsy.

9. Why Girls Are Weird’s Dear Etsy 

Krysten of Why Girls Are Weird writes a public letter about getting shut down by Etsy with no room for recourse.

10. I Used to Sell on Etsy 

One last sad story of an insolvent pursuit.


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