I recently posted List of Top 10 Blog Post Lessons from Folded Shops while I’m sure each case is even more complicated than the posts revealed, one of the recurring reasons for shop closures was Etsy themselves suspending or terminating service due to violations in theis Terms of Service. If youre like every single alive person, you dont read Terms of Service Agreements, I know I don’t. Disturbingly many of the bloggers I featured had not even violated the ToS but rather were just accused of doing so (often by automated research) and suspended just-in-case. To boot, theres no real recourse to get ahold of Etsy or hold them accountable for anything. So here I am posting a list of sites like Etsy. Check them out and consider diversifying and protecting yourself with a back up plan.



Art Fire offers commission free sales for a monthly fee. Every plan is commission free and includes access to the ArtFire Marketplace ranging from $20-$60/month with the top tier offering your own branded domain and unlimited lisitings.


They have a pay-as-you-go structure where you can purchase 100 listings for $30 USD. It costs $0.30 USD to list an item for 4 months as well as a monthly plan at a flat fee of $14.90 USD per month with unlimited product listing. They charge a 6.5% selling fee on the item’s sale price. In addition they have coupons, an Express Product Listing feature, a Guest Checkout so customers dont have to have an account to buy, an integrated Facebook Page Application and Social Sharing tools for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Zibbet offers an online marketpalce with similar SEO and coupon code perks to the other sites listed above for $0-$8/month. But the best part is, if you already sell on Etsy, there’s no need to re-list all your items again. They can copy them over to Zibbet for you.
Storenvy offers a marketplace as well as custom storefronts with a focus on branding. You pay transaction fees for PayPal or Stripe. For every sale Storenvy’s marketplace drives your business, they keep 10%, while you keep 100% of the sales on your custom store.

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