Masters of a Modern Going Concern is a behind the scenes blog for the small worker-owned business start up: Bonne Witch Enterprises LLC, a joint venture between high volume sales and management maniac Bonnie McMillion AKA “Bonne” and vintage web shop hack Kate Witchger AKA “Witch”. Together we are starting up an enterprise to strategically develop and scale small quality online businesses that will scale down with waning market and easily generate new ventures from past efforts.

Recognizing the quickly changing patterns, markets and platforms associated with small business in the 21st century our principle aim is to generate a basic income for ourselves while doing things we are good at that we atleast think were going to enjoy, and which other people do value and enjoy. This means keeping swift and agile pop-up shop state of mind able to evolve and adapt quickly and stay on top of emerging trends while still taking care and finding joy in the daily grind.

This blog will document the hard lessons learned, the workflow optimization tricks, the insights and reflections and the nitty gritty how-tos of our business to help fellow 21st century entrepreneurs embrace and optimize technology for small worker-owned businesses.

Beginning in 2017 our principle effort, with an aim to generate our basic income, will be an affordable women’s vintage fashion retail shop online : The Cute Hunter West. This new operation is based on Kate’s flagship vintage Etsy shop: The Cute Hunter which operates out of Raleigh, NC through Etsy. In January 2017 we began start up plans to set up a second sales location this time scaling up and using Bonne’s outlet-mall retail expertise to bring the operation smoothly to a scale within 3-5 years.

We will document other side efforts and research in online sales and business including:

Bonne Witch Stitchery, a PDF crosstitch pattern shop on Etsy


This blog was formerly: “The Self Sustaining Prophecy”; All posts made before December 2016 are tracking Witch’s first year attempting to develop a self- sustaining small business using Etsy and other online tools featured small business start up tips and reflections (specifically using Etsy and alternative-income strategies) as well as tips and reflections on budgeting and minimizing total cost of living.


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