There are 2 standard ways you can sponsor The Self-Sustaining Prophecy Blog: Sidebar Banners and A Sponsor Feature. If you are interested in alternative sponsorship opportunities please contact me with details.

Sidebar Banners

I current offer sidebar banners (240px X 60px) for $24.99 for 30 days and $64.99 for 90 days. (Please note: Processing time varies, but day count begins on first full day 24 hour day EST that your banner is featured). You must provide me with the banner image (240px x60px in .jpeg, .tiff or .png attachment or URL link to static image) and the URL link for your banner.

Order 30-Day Sidebar Banner Ad:

Order 90-Day Sidebar Banner Ad:

Once you pay, you will receive an email requesting the banner file and URL to the email associated with your payment process. (Current processing time varies but averages 1 week). If you do not receive an email please contact me.

Sponsor Feature

A Sponsor Feature which is a blog post write up about your shop, product, service or site. Please note: I DO NOT accept all Sponsors for featuring in this way, it is up to my discretion whether I think whatever you’re selling will be valuable to my readers. Fill out the contact form below to start a conversation about possible Sponsor featuring. In addition to being featured as the front page post (for 1-8 days depending on budget) the feature posts will be permanent archived (for the life of the site) and accessible through the sidebar link: Sponsor Features. I highly recommend a coupon code, giveaway offer or some other type of promotional offer to make your feature more successful. The feature generally takes the form of an interview or a product review (In the case of product reviews: I love to try new things but I reserve the right to terminate sponsorship arrangement until after I have tried and objectively approve of what you’re selling). I operate on a sliding scale for this type of sponsorship, if you provide me with info on your projected annual profits. I will provide you with a quote range depending on your income bracket and you will be given options in that range for length of article and duration of front page feature.  Please fill out the form below if you are interested in this sponsorship option and lets exchange a few emails and see how it goes:

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